Been talking to this guy for 3 weeks. I ask him if he is single or has a friend with benefits. He said he has a friend with benefits. What do I do?

He was honest. So I'll give him that. But that really stung hearing that He dips in another chicks cookie jar... not sure What to do. And it's a long distance thing too...


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  • Are you guys talking about being in a relationship?
    If so, and if you're wanting exclusivity, you'll just have to tell him that.
    While you guys are NOT official and have NOT agreed to exclusivity, technically he's not doing anything "against the rules".
    He was honest, be happy about that... many wouldn't have been.
    So now, you just have to be honest in return, about what you want, about where you want this to go, etc.

    Best of luck!

    • U got that right! 100%. I tried to give u most helpful. It said too soon.
      Yes, we are talking about being in a relationship. I'm torn about it all. I really like him.
      I told him I didn't like it. But really, What else can I say yet?

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    • And your welcome! 😃

    • Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that :-(
      How are you doing?

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