How can I bring it up to him that I'm mad and upset?

I've been seeing a guy (he's 24) for a few months who recently asked how I felt about us dating officially. I told him I liked it a lot (I really do like him) so now I guess we're technically "dating".

However, I rarely see him maybe once every other week and he only invites me over later at night, I stay the night then leave (we've never had sex). He texts me sometimes but usually I text first later on in the week (it's like he forgets about me).

The last time I stayed over he mentioned that he still hasn't been out to my house or met my mom or dad and he said I've never invited him out there. I've met his parents so he wants to meet mine.

A couple days later I asked if he would want to go to my little brothers football game at the end of the week. I figured he could meet my parents and watch football. He said he didn't have much going on and that he would try to make it.

Then later, he said he would try to make it again but that he was going somewhere later that night so he might not. I told him to have fun where he was going. He then texted saying those plans fell through and that he was at a bowling place with some people. He even asked me (at 11 pm, way later than we had been texting) to go there.

I'm so mad because he could've just told me no about the game if he didn't want to go. And I feel like I'm his dead last priority since he made other plans after his first ones-he ditched out on me then tried inviting me.

I didn't bother responding to that invitation and am not planning on responding at all. It's almost his birthday so I feel bad if I get mad at him but he doesn't even actually care about me at all and I kind of want to bring it up.

He told me I'm the closest thing he's ever had to a girlfriend and he's never really had a relationship, so maybe he doesn't know how they work?

I honestly dont think he actually realizes he made me upset. How can I bring it up to him that I'm mad and upset without scaring him away?


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  • Um I think you should just tell him that your a little upset that he didn't just tell you that he can't go. You guys should talk about it and then later on try to get him to meet your parents and brother again and if he does it again then maybe he might be making you his last priority.

    • Thank you! I never see him that much in person and I don't want to bring it up over text, so maybe I'll wait till I see him again to ask why he didn't just say no.

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