Do you think he's losing interests? Got stood up last night?

Okay so I've been seeing this guy for almost 3 months now. I really like him and from what he has told me he seems to like me.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, because stuff does happen.

So on Wednesday we started making plans for the weekend.

We were planning to see each other Friday night. On Friday after work I texted him to see what was up as we had not planned out what we were going to do. He doesn't work on Friday's and had been home doing some reno work.

So anyway we were going to dinner and to also see a movie.

I asked him which movie he wanted to see and he didn't respond. I waited a couple hours, then he responded with "sorry fell asleep".

I get it, this happens. So I ask him "Are we still on for tonight?" Then no response :(

So that was at 7:30 last night. And I have yet to hear from him again.

I didn't text him any more that night. I went to sleep. I did just send him a text around 12:14 asking if he was okay.

No response yet.

So do you think he's just lost interest? He has been busy this week with renos. So I can understand him being tired.

But I'm not going to lie, I was pretty bummed out...

He''s usually up by 10am so I'm surprised he hasn't texted me. I'm going to hang low for now nad just keep busy. But what do you guys think? Usually he's pretty good at texting me back unless something happened or he's busy.


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  • Anygirl would be sad but don't get yourself attach cause it kinda seems like its leading up toward that so in that case i would say move on because its been a while he still hasn't texted back and some guys are out for the wrongs and usually choose girls or find the girls that are out for the same thing they want mostly the ones with self respect or that try by putting more effort in the relationship usually gets hurt in some way but someone who doesn't reply in a week or 2 weeks u should move on i do my time limits just like quitting a job if you don't text me within two weeks im on to the next one lol why wait for someone who can't wait for you and be honest and upfront if u want to talk then talk to me if you don't be nice enough to let me know instead of me wasting my time further with it

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