Does she hate me now?

I'm so scared. So me and this girl have been talking for a while, we went on a date. And I called her Thursday night, and told her I'd call Friday too. So I call her last night, she was drinking with her friends, so, I didn't have much time to talk. So I went out to bars, I was pretty drunk. So I called her at like 2, we barely talked and she was drunk or something too and I started asking questions if she's okay, and if she's drunk, and stuff, so I think she got a bit upset and said something like "You ask more questions than my Mom' than the call ended. Me being in a druken state called like 4 times after that, she didn't pick up. So I sent her a text saying, guess she doesn't want to talk, and that while I'm drunk imma say that I care for her, and that to just text me tomorrow. So this morning I realized what I did, so I sent her a text saying sorry for being stupid. She responded with "No worries" and that's it.

Did I fuck up? Did I lose her now or something. I think I should give space now right or not contact or call her for a while?

I'm so sacred. She hates me now or thinks I'm weird or something.


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  • i dont think she hates you or anything.. when people are drunk do stupid things but after all you didn't insult her you just asked if she was okay.. anyway i dont think there will be a problem and you surely didn't lose her.. but if you see that she is ignoring you or anything meet up with her and be honest.. apologize and i think you will be ok ! dont worry when we like someone we dont give up on him so easily and after all she was drunk too so thats why she type of snapped at you.. anw hope i helped! good luck and keep us updated as to what happens:)

    • I'm just worried she thought it was obsessive behavior or something. I called and asked what she was up to and if she was alright, and that's when she made the mom comment, than I think she hung up or it ended, but I called 4 times after (which I'm worried about), she didn't pick up. So that's when I texted her that I'll say this while I'm drunk and that I care for her, but hopefully it's not coming of as needy or too strong. I'm worried. I mean I don't blow up her phone, we take breaks from talking. I apologized in the morning, she said no worries, than I sent something, she hasn't responded. So, how do I handle this? I mean can she stop liking me because I'm weird or show too much affection? I won't even see her for a while she's busy so, should I not call/text?

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    • So things happened and I need someone to talk to :(, I don't know what to think anymore or what she wants.

    • what happened?

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  • "Hate" is definitely the wrong word for this situation. But I hate when that happens. It's so awkward and you just feel like if you do one wrong move, it's like it's over already. But going from "talking for awhile" to a two word text from her, that's odd. Best thing is to give her some space and while you're doing the same, just clear your thoughts.

    But I'm glad that she took it easy and at least said "No worries". Boy, it could've been worse. To answer your question, I don't think you fucked up at all. You acknowledged of what you did, held yourself accountable, and apologized. I hope that she realizes that you were on a drunken state, and that you weren't fully conscious of what you were doing. If she can't grasp of how truly bad you feel about it and just said "No worries" to be nice, then I'd say give in a couple days before making a decision to whether or not you still want to talk to her.

    But honestly, when you were calling and texting her all of those time, my assumption was that she was probably thinking or saying like "Why the hell is this guy calling and texting me so much?" If so, it might've given her the assumption that you're clingy? Oh, I don't know. If anything, I hope not. Any guy who apologizes and means it is awesome. Came across so many assholes who are too self-absorbed to apologize to me for their mistakes.

    • No we talked and it went pretty well, read my response below to her, and you can give me some insight too.

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  • You shouldn't have called her 4 times after. That's probably what fucked you up. Either that or she brought a guy home and was feeling guilty so she got mad at you.