We have been dating for 2 months... should I be worried?

I have been dating this guy that I have a strong connection with. He likes me alot. He has met my brother and sister. I also go to church with me. I met his dad too. He told me that they way he feels about me... he doesn't feel about any other woman he has dated. Now he admitted in the beginning that when he met me in the beginning he hasn't felt like he even want to talk to anyone else. He doesn't know but I just caught him chatting on his phone and a pic of a girl was on it. Should I be worried? Do you still chat with other girls even though you are really feeling a someone? He spends every weekend with me and tonight he's going to cook for me. :-) What are signs I should look for?


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  • For all you could know it was a family member, of a girl friend (seriously, stop freaking about this. we guys know where our heart belong, and we follow it)!
    Why does everyone instantly think in the lines of "he must be cheating"?
    Give him the element of doubht, and if you absolutely HAVE to know, ask him!

    And no, you should not be worried.

    • Thank you for reminding me before I mess up something by distancing myself

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    • I know this is quick but I talked to him before he left bc the feeling was building. He kept grinning and trying to hug me but I kept telling him that something felt weird or different. I asked if it was me. He said things felt different bc he is going through some things with work and family. He said it felt like we were not getting further with our relationship but he wants too he just been a little and wants to reach his goals. I think chatting with other women his his way of getting away. I didn't mention that to him but I told him how I felt. I told him that I want to be there through thick and thin and that I got his back. I also told him that I needed him. I think he was surprised to see that side of me. He was hurt many times and I think he realized that I'm really different than most women. In the end he said that he think it can work. He was having doubts. Now he saying he want a relationship one day... he's frustrated

    • dating for two months... i'd guess you'tow have either had sex for a while, or have decided to wait with it (no need to answer). Also it probably feels like the relationship can be a bit of work sometimes, and that the first "high" from falling in love is fading.
      If yes, then it is normal. It simply means that what was first love/mutual crushing is developing into a serious relationship. Sadly that means you won't "get anywhere" as the next milestone is either sex (if you haven't had it before. don't take it as a reason to have. if yo uagreed to wait, then wait), moving together, og engagement. This feeling is normal, and i'd say that seeing as you're both happy it simply tells you want him.
      The "get anywhere" bit now isn't about taking it to the next level but about enjoying what you have. Be together, smile, laugh, date... all that. But also it's about, when those kinds of times come, working together to overcome the troubles.

      But you should still bring it up at some point.

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  • It could be his little secret, maybe from his past. Just ignore it, he might tell about her himself. If you think its serious enough, then its better to ask frankly. I feel he'll appreciate it. If you mistrust him, that'll show in ur behavior and body language, and the relationship might sour.

    • Thanks! And you are right... he does have a past. He has told me

    • Its good that he's told u about it. So, I think you should trust him to sort it out himself. Good luck with ur weekend date :)

  • *sigh* he is going to cook for you.. lucky girl

  • Actions speak louder than words
    Of course since you two are only dating and I am sure you already know this that he is allowed to see other women but if he told you he felt like he don't want to talk to anyone else but yet he is seems like he is either confused about his feelings or he is just trying to get laid