Text advice?

So a girl I like just texted me and at the end of the text she put ly and loads of kisses then added some more text and then left me three more xxx"s does she like me?

We have been seeing each other for a while though, we were out on a missions trip in uganda for the past 2 weeks so I kept it on the down low as you have to be culturally sensitive and we didn't speak that much but cince we been back we been texting loads
she away on holiday now but been texting me still a lot and wants to see me when she gets back before we go away us and my mates
I just want to be careful as I have asked her out like a month ago and she said she only liked me as a mate.. I've been keeping it on down low but she seems to be texting me loads now and seems pretty keen.


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  • At least she's pretty much flirting with you and that is where the game starts ;)

    Nothing more to tell from our point of view here ^^


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  • I'm sure she likes you .. but to what extent, I'm not too sure .. I think instead of reading into it, you should just chalk it up to her being extra flirtatious. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that she likes you, nd her being flirty is definitely great .. Just don't look too much into it, nd wait for stronger signs. : )


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  • dude, don't read too much unto how many x's she puts in a message or whatever. that's like judging how funny something is based on how many "haha's" the person responds with. if you're texting a bunch, then ask her out and see what happens