How do you address negative things from your past when getting to know someone new?

I've been through a lot over the years and is some negative things that have happened. I don't feel its necessary to go through everything to new people I meet but feel it might be in my best interest to try and explain some of what happened in case they find out some other way or wonder why I act the way I do sometimes.

but I'm not really sure how to address things or even sure if there is any point in bringing past events up for discussion

but some of it might be just embarrassing such as being so unpopular in high school that I never went to a single party back then or even my own prom. or got fired from my first job rate after I graduated college. or got rejected by every girl I tried to hit on at local bar when I was younger.


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  • I'll discuss if it someone brings up the conversation but if we're talking about pizza I wouldn't be like "Yeah I never went to my prom". Constantly bringing up negative things about yourself makes you seem like you have no self esteem. Personally I don't see anything wrong with not going to parties or prom, and tons of people get fired from their first job, and even more guys get rejected by girls at bars.

    I don't see a bunch of negative things when I look at my past, I see a bunch of stuff that made me who I am today, whether it's good stuff or really bad stuff.

    You just need a more positive outlook and you'll realize it's not that bad. Tons of people who are popular now, weren't popular in high school. I'm pretty sure 90% of celebrities were losers before becoming famous.

    • the rejection thing is common its just a couple of those girls took things further and decided to make accusations and rumors about me instead of just politely saying no , one tried to claim I stalked her even though I never saw her anywhere but that bar a few times.
      I think prom only really matters when someone is actually in high school afterwords I don't think its something someone is going to focus a lot of attention on. high school in general was a bad experience a lot of other things happened as well back then.

    • High school was a bad experience for a lot of people lol. That sucks about the rumors, some people can be really awful. You still shouldn't let it bring you down, otherwise they win. Just live your life the way you want to live it. The only people I pity are the people who waste so much time trying to please or impress others, when they can just be themselves and attract people who like them for them.

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  • you shouldn't let negative things from your past or with others affect your future and your relationships with others! because that is just letting the past chew away at more of your life when you deserve to be happy!


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