Things Guys Secretly Do When They Like A Girl?

Things Guys Secretly Do When They Like A Girl?


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  • I have never done this in the past, but I went on a second date last night with a girl, and last night I jacked off to her Facebook photos. I REALLY like her. Our two dates have been very long dates.

    I like her for a lot of reasons, but she really really turns me on. I want a real relationship, so I'm not going to rush intimacy. But, last night, I was fantasizing about her, and then I went on Facebook so I could see her beautiful eyes that I spent so much time looking into on our dates, and I just kept masturbating to her photos.

    I'm really hoping it all works out. I keep fantasizing about her. I've never been like this before.


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  • Thinking about that girl, and masturbating vigorously in the shower

  • I don't think it's a secret what guys do when they like a girl.
    I usually pay a lot more attention to her.
    Whenever possible I look over at her and try to commit as much about her as I can to memory.
    I make an active effort to learn more about her, mostly because I check myself to see if my feelings are blinding me or if there will be real compatibility.
    I'm very punctual and if I like a girl I will delay other things in my day just to talk to her.
    I don't bring it up to friends because it's not worth bringing up until it's official and by then they'll know.

    Just a few things...

  • Stare at them from a distance, and pay more attention to them than other girls. They might also try to make contact

    • What do you mean by pay attention?
      Watch out for what they say, things they like?

    • Sorry for replying late and yeah sorta. For example you're in class and everyone is presenting and he only seems to be attentive and interested in your presentation while not paying much attention to others

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