Girls do you like it when a guy compliments and encourages other people and talks positively about people behind their back without... ?

... feeling the need to down talk other guys in front of the girl?


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  • It is always nice to be positive but I think if you put someone down too much and talk about them it will get annoying. Although girls love to talk about other girls behind their backs it's different, cause we think guys usually don't have that kind of oroblem.

    • waaaat i don't understand any of that!

  • A guy being positive and not a jerk behind people's back is such s big thing. If you are the kinds guy that does talk behind maybe don't fo it around girls or just try to stop it I all! It its the same for guys I'm sure you don't want a girl that is always negative and rude. Can you please answer my recent question?(:


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