Do you think its rude when someone say I will call you right back and ignore you for an hour?

I think its rude especially the calling thing was her idea , she asked me on whatsapp if i slept i told her yes because i didn't answer now she is calling me again after 24 hours should i call her back?


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  • she said shed call you back and she did... just because it wasn't on your terms doesn't mean its rude... now if your saying she called you and then said shed call you back once your were on the phone then she's silly... but either way she called you back... its her phone , just like its your phone i, answer when you want , just like she can call when she wants... you can answer when you want..

    • Yes she did that after ten minutes from talking to me thats why i thought uts rude its better if she said she is busy

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