Ask a girl out through text. she says mabey and well see?

i met this girl at a party and i got her number. the next day we started texting a bit on and off, i maned up and asked her if she wanted to go bowling this weekend (i would have asked in person but how could i find her? and i didn't call because it seemed like i would come off to strong) and she texted me back saying yeah maybe and that she might be going somewhere and we would have to see. is she letting me down nicely or is she possibly interested? how should i reply back?


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  • she could be busy or like me its hard to go out on dates with someone if your not fully happy in life with yourself most people like to have everything together before going on on dates or dating anyone plus that way it opens more doors to and for your relationship but if she's a wild outgoing girl or talks to a lot of guys then she isn't ready to date she just wants to enjoy life and get serious later plus it could be because she got out of a horrible relationship recently

    • so what should i stop pursuing it. a friend of mine said text her through out the week and see if she till interested? but i dont wanna come off as a desperate weirdo. or how should i text her? i feel like it would be awkward

    • I think you should text her once out of the week like wedensday because wedensday nothing really happens on a wedensday give it thurs, fri, sat, sun for her to text back if she doesn't her lost if she does then she cares enough to hear you out and talk to you start out with simple questions like hey how are you, how was your day, whatcha up to , are you having a good day so far and about different things don't make it weird by being silent because then she might feel as thow you guys have nothing in common try looking at her social media page at her likes and dislikes so you have more to talk to her about so she's enjoying the conversation and considering to text you again

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