Is he mad at me? Should I confront him about it?

I have this feeling my crush is angry at me. We used to have fun and text a lot with no problem. We're both in ROTC and he's at a higher level than me so I asked for help on my uniform for uniform day which went well and stuff but then when I found out my grade I told him and he was like, "Cool," which isn't really like him to say so I feel like he feels that I am using him but I'm really not trying to. And after that I've been trying to talk to him friendly and all but he's short with me :(. At one point I asked if I was a bother and he said no but I don't believe him. I like him a lot and I don't know if I should confront him about it. Please help me! D


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  • i would show more signs you like him by flirting and help him out more so he doesn't feel like your using him for anything and after a while then ask him out like to hang out then out after a second date but you should ask him anyway just to hang out with you your not bothering him he has probably been hurt in the past by someone he cares about and now doesn't assume or expect much from or out of a girl liking him

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