What are good first date ideas for students?

I want to ask out this girl at my school. I feel nervous. What are some good date ideas?


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  • here's a list of ideas for dates
    -david busters
    -ice skating
    -laser tag
    -skating rink
    -bumper cars
    -drive in movies
    -drive in diner
    -cooking classes
    -pottery place
    -amusement park
    -water park
    -park picnic
    -mall with food court


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  • I think a good date would be attending a concert / band / having coffee a coffee shop or going to a bar. I prefer coffee shop dates since those can be done at school and everybody is busy with school. I signed up for 13 clubs this year and have only joined 1 club meeting because I don't have time.

  • I agree with bohemiancleopatra, those are all great ideas. Some more as follows: a sporting event at your school, the library (if you guys are nerds like me or you've both got assignments to do), and the ole fall-back -grabbing some coffee or tea is never a bad idea (unless you are allergic, in which case I apologize that you cannot live life to its full potential).


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