Girl texts me first, I reply, doesn't text back?

Background: We hung out a few times been on a couple dates. We're both introverts but I'm the more outgoing one, she's very shy. I've known her for 3 weeks now. Obvious there has been at least some sort of interest.

She has 90% of the time been the one to text me first. Never going more than 3 days without texting me. She's done this before, the whole text me first I text back within 30 minutes and then not respond. All I want to know, is she playing hard to get because she feels like I should take the time to text her first?


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  • no i think she wants to feel cared about and texting her first shows her that you care to talk to her and to hang out with her and shows interest your into her i think you should both take turns like one day you text her the next day she texts you so there is no conflict or anything if your gonna be busy or are busy let her know that day and either text her after or take the next day to text her first

  • Did you text a conversational killer? Sometime it's impossible to have something to write back


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