Guy friend sent me this msg... should my bf be concerned?

So randomly my guy friend sent a pic of a guy holding a cigar and glass of whiskey saying "chase girls? I don't even chase my liquor." And then under he wrote " this explains my dating life." My bf thought he was coming on to me with sending that, like hinting something to me... But I thought it was innocent and guy friend just being silly. I need guy opinion what do u think? Is my bf right to be worried about my guy friend? Thank u!!!


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  • i think your boyfriend was gonna be concern either way your boyfriend doesn't want to loose you thats all and your guy friend was being silly because if he was coming on to you the pic would of never said chasing girls and girls with a s well u and me both know means more then one person means a lot of women


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  • I send my friends funny memes all the time