How much texting is too much texting? (been dating for 2 wks)?

So I've been dating a guy for two weeks. This weekend he's been really busy with work and been going out with friends and his fraternity stuff (we are in college). So I'm debating how much I should text him. Since it's a little early for me to be meeting his friends- especially since we haven't labeled ourselves anything yet- texting has been the only way of contact for us this weekend (and he's a bad texter..).

So far our texting relationship has been a couple of awkward short winded conversations and goodnight texts. (he's a bad texter/he even said so himself).

SO- would it be okay to text him while he's doing stuff for his frat and out parting for his friends 21st bday? Do you guys mind if a girl is texting you? I don't want texting to take him away from what he's doing but I also just want to have a nice conversation with him today since besides for a short 30 min today I haven't talked to him in person since Thursday.


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  • i wouldn't text him a lot and yes you should meet his friends if your good with his friends then you will be good with him and have the support of his friends i wouldn't tell his friends what goes on between you guys i would keep that to yourself even as friends and you can tell people ur dating when your dating but to avoid judgmental people i wouldn't tell them what goes on between you guys in any relationship form i would say happy birthday and text him after let him enjoy his birthday no one wants to text a lot on there birthday they just wanna have fun and do things constantly i would say happy birthday have a great birthday text me when your free ask him to hang out or take him out the day after his birthday your treat just to be sweet and kind and conversations being awkward is what will drive him to not text more like try thinking of other topics when he comes to you first when texting then talk to him about different things and then see where things go with that but try getting invited to the fraternity parties or even't just be friendly with his friends if one of them flirts with you don't flirt back remember your trying to be with him not his friends

    • Thank for your help! I think I should have been more clear that it was his friends birthday not his. Haha. I ended up falling alseep and not texting him which I think was for the best because he didn't text me. He's going to a nascar game all day today so I'll follow your advice today since I know I'll want to talk to him later in the day.

    • okay good luck hun !!:)

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