Advice anyone? Guys would do you think? Ladies too?

Me and this guy have been talking and to be honest I'm pretty unsure of his feelings. He told me when we first started talking to me "he wasn't ready for a relationship". He says he likes talking to me, he always talks to me about his problems, etc. But the mixed signals are pretty strong. I hate to be unsure of someone else's feelings because I'm big on not wasting my time or having my heart broken again. I told him that I would call him tonight... Should I? I'm not sure what to talk about because I don't know how he feels.


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  • Are most of your talks about his problems? Then of course he'd like talking to you, many people love to talk about their problems with others.

    A phone call is pretty low risk, nothing too serious. I'd say just go with the flow and have a nice chat, plus try to see if he comes off as flirting or not.

  • I dont think he is. If all he is doing is talking about his problems it is honestly rare to find someone that will listen andd give reall advice on it. The phonecall should be ok just watch for a change


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