He keeps saying lets go out but never asks me?

Every time we talk he says lets hang out sometime but he keeps saying that so I finally said "you say that alot" in a nice way and he said he really wants to go out with me but life is really on the busy side because he is a single dad to his son and his job too. I wonder if he really wants to go out with me or he's just not ready or he is just not that into me because if he really wanted to go out with me wouldn't he no matter what? thanks for reading this ! this has been going on for about a month


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  • How do you respond when he says "let's go out"?

    • I say yeah ok lets go out some time I basically repeat what he says

    • One thing you could do is next time, say "alright when are you free?" or something along those lines.

      I do get though that it'd be much better if he initiated going out all the way through, but that may be just how he is unfortunately.

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  • You're looking wayyyyyyy too much into that..."let's hang out" means let's hang out. Simple as that. He might like you more as a friend, but it's generally suggesting you know, let's hang out. Pick a day you're good.

    • he says Im beautiful and is very attracted to me so I know he wants to go out as more than friends Im just confused

    • Wait do you know he wants to go out with you or are you confused because it's one or the other

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  • could be that he's saying that to be nice
    my friends and I are always saying "oh yeah! we should definitely hang out sometime!"
    but we usually don't really mean it/ don't actually want to
    but this guy could be different
    try making the plans
    ask him to hang out, and decide which date and time

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