Hugs and their meanings?

Was just thinking about this today... there's ovbviously different kind of hugs but so they really mean anything from a guy? Us girls are always looking for a deeper meaning in things so I figured Id ask.
1. The hug where he squeezes you really tight
2 the hug where he leans down to your height level and hugs you tight
3.. all other hugs and your opinions of their meanings


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  • There are deeper meanings, but they can vary depending on the guy that is hugging you. A guy you like could hug you and squeeze you tight, but the deeper meaning is that he feels sorry for you that he found another girl. 2nd scenario, a guy you like hugs you tight and squeezes you, and yes he has the same feelings for you.

    If a guy hugs you from the back, its a lovers embrace.


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  • Anything other than the average hug (hold for couple seconds, maybe pat on back, etc) means a certain degree of interest. Guys behave differently with those they like.

    That or he's trying to feel your boobs.

  • With all due respect, a hug is a hug. They may come from people who feel differently towards you, but in itself there is nothing of value to learn from it.

  • Hugging is a beautiful way to express your feelings for someone that you care about them. Also it's scientifically proven that when we hug someone our brain releases Oxytocin which relaxes us, makes us fell relevant and important. There are times when we feel stuck, lost, alone & Helpless... so a 20 second hug can make us feel better.


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