What traits in a girl are generally more attractive? What traits are generally less attractive?

My high school is full of only one type of guy, so I have a really unrealistic idea about what guys look for in general. I'm just trying to get a broad idea about what things guys do/don't like out of sheer curiosity.


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  • Physically - Petite/Athletic, I'm short myself and am involved in a couple of sports, which gives me that body type myself. I have always been the most attracted to a girl of a similar body type. (I'm 5'6'' and 120lbs, so despite how incredibly masculine this is going to sound - I can be described as Petite/Athletic)

    Emotionally - Down to earth. I know that it can be good to be head in the clouds occasionally, but the girl who is confident with who she is, and knows who she is (And there is a BIG difference between knowing your faults and your strengths, and going with that "If you can't handle me when I'm at my worst" shit.) is extremely attractive. If a girl (And I'm sure this goes for girls looking at guys too) knows what she excels with, and knows what she is behind with, and can simply be herself, it says a lot.

    Intellectually - There's a difference between knowledge and wisdom. No matter how much you learn, and no matter how much you know, it is still possible to be a highly naive individual who cannot apply their theoretical knowledge into practical use, that is why there's the saying "Common sense isn't". I'm only 19, so I'm not even going to pretend that I've seen a lot (Because most of the time anyone who needs to tell people about how much they've seen, haven't seen anything), but one of the things that stands above and beyond all else, for me, when it comes to whether I like a girl is wisdom. Good judgement comes from experience, and most of the time experience comes from bad judgement. Wisdom is the ability to have good judgement without previous experience, by using experience from something that others may not consider related.

    And lastly, this one just deserves an honorable mention. If a girl is aware of the fact that she is very attractive, and chooses not to use that as an advantage in the dating world, but instead focus on who she is as a person rather than just relying on her body - she instantly proves that she has a lot more to offer.


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  • Here is my list in order from most to greatest,
    *Nice around others

  • attractive: big tits, big round ass.
    unattractive: small tits, flat ass.


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