How do I tell my best friend I like her ex?

My bff was dating this boy who I really get along with. He and I laugh at about all the same things we are both mentally the same. He even said that if they didn't work out he would still wanna hang out with me. But they have recently ended their relationship and I really like him. She said that she knew he would wanna break up and ask me out. I really want him to but I could never do that to her. I love her like a sister we even made this weird joke that her and I are married and no one can make us get a divorce and her Jilly and my dog Hudson are our kids lol :). I really care about her and I couldn't handle if she hated me. But they were only together for like a week barely. And he was her first boyfriend though so it would feel horrible for her. But I really like him but I can't hurt her that way. How can I tell her I like him without hurting her?


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  • Girl code? doesn't it state exes are untouchable or sth?


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  • uhmm , well for me i wouldn't choose a guy that turned my friend down and hurt her... but i also would not choose him because he went with my friend and she likes him and he broke her heart so hed be my arch enemy for hurting her... in highschool i made a mistake of dating the ex of my ex bestfriend and even though i hated her because she got with the popular crowd and ignored me and our other friend i felt like crap because everyone knew and i thought people would see me as desperado and selfish and sneaky... so dont do it... even though she says she won't be hurt she will be... she will be for sure.. and it will hurt you to loose a friend over a guy... because long after he's gone your bestfriends are people that will always be around...

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