Is he interested? Im so confussed about this guy im seeing?

I've been talking to this guy for about 4 weeks now, weve been on one date which went really really well. He even asked if i would not see or do anything with anyone else and he will do the same. Since the date weve been texting here and there and we are planning on another date sometime next week. Anyways, last week i noticed we were no longer friends on facebook... but were still texting. We dont text everyday because he has said he's really busy at work and its been chatoic, which i completly understand. But why delete me off facebook? Is this a sign he's not interested? And because he isn't texting everyday does that also mean he's not interested even though his work is crazy? Im trying not to push things because i actually like this guy and wpuld love for it to go further but i also dont want to waste my time if he's just stringing me along. Any advice on this would be awsome !


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  • You can't know yet. You have to wait and see. Deleting from FB is not a big deal, maybe he didn't want you to see some some stuff in his fb, maybe other girls, maybe family, hell maybe he is in a relationship.
    If he is still texting that's a good sign. Don't text him for a while see what he does, if he really likes you he will text you eventually. If not, well... Move on.


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