Why can't I stop losing friends?

Okay so earlier I posted a question about this girl who sits behind me. Anyway, I get this girls number, and we're talking, yada yada. My end goal was to ask this girl to bandcoming, the marching bands' version of the homecoming dance. So today I texted her and asked her if she had a boyfriend. Before she replied, I sent another text explaining why I was asking this question (asked her to the dance). She replied saying yes (in response to the boyfriend inquiry). I then followed up by saying that I was sorry I had created an awkward situation. She hasn't replied. What does this mean? Personally, I'm fucking tired of being a dumbass and losing friends to my own personal stupidity by hitting on them. I honestly thought that this one would work out, but no, I was a dumbass. By any means, answer this if you want, I don't care. Just be honest. Thanks everybody!!


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  • I would suggest asking face to face next time and don't ask if a girl has a boyfriend just ask her to bandcoming. If you want to go with a friend to bandcoming just ask if you want to go as friends. It shouldn't be weird I went to prom with a friend and nothing was weird about it we actually had a great time.


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  • Chill dude...
    You seem like a Nice guy, (you want to be better)...
    Stop worrying so much, you have to learn to let things flow, if she didn't answer right away give her time to think about it. Listen you need a refill of confident gas, because you're not There yet.
    Try making friends first before girlfriend. Its all about confidence, stop putting your self in these positions
    If you need more help, just ask !

    • Thanks. Its just I have this awful tendency of driving right into situations. I was planning on doing it next week, but I felt the need to just get it done, you know? I always rush and screw something up. Even i don't mess this one up, I have a history. Thanks again!!

  • I think you did great!! you were honest and forward, in my opinion the best that you could do! Just what happens sometimes i guess, but there will always be more chances that you will find


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