When's the right time to make it "official"?

So this girl I met last year at the end of the semester and I were texting/calling/snapchatting all summer until we each returned to campus this fall. Now we've been dating for the last month and I've hung out with her friends and her together a few times. We just got to the point where we do things like hold hands and kiss in public. How and when is a good time to make it official/go steady/ I don't know the right language for it.

As a side not do people still say "going steady"?


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  • Once you know the feelings are mutual, you've been on a few dates and know there are no religious/cultural issues that could prevent you from being together. Ask her to join you for dinner or lunch and then ask her what she'd think of being in a relationship with you.

  • If you've actually been dating for a month or more and you've met her friends and everything else that you mentioned then it sounds like you could make it official, you can always ask her what she thinks and if she is ready to make it official :)


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