@Girls: would you date a guy who is in poverty? (I'm in hs btw)

I'm just wondering if a guy In hs in this time and day would have a chance at dating? Im a pretty obvious poor guy to... Like how would I be able to tell between girls who will and who won't? I've never had a gf which is mainly cause I'm poor but I hope hs is different. ... thanks

Hs = high school...
Oh and I've been wearing like the same sweater and 3 shirts plus 2 shirts for 3 years... just wondering if that would kill my chances even more?


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  • When I was completely broke, I dated... and some of the guys I dated were completely broke too.
    We did a lot of home dates and had fun. It really didn't matter.
    Those things matter more when you're planning a life together or wanting to start a family... not when you're just wanting to date and meet people.

    • Awww but I want to see what it's like ya know? I guess there's no chance haha...

    • I didn't say there was no chance, I said exactly the opposite.

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  • Poverty is a gift.. someone said. You are lucky in that only girls who truly love you will approach you. You try to be the best you can be under the circumstances. I won't advise you to spend more than you have only to look good. Girls who get attracted to your money/looks will get disappointed very soon and it'll be a waste anyway.

  • I would money doesn't matter to me! its the person (: please answer my question! (:

  • why don't poor guys date poor girls? poor girls would def date a poor guy. they do it all the time

    I don't date broke dudes though but that's just me

    • Yeah my school has no other poor person, that I of know at least, much less a poor girl... I basically hang out with myself and my cousin...

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  • damn poverty is a bad thing... because poverty can affect your looks as well

    • Tell me about. ... ehhh I'm used to it I guess

    • because in order to be good-looking you n eed to spend money for yorself LOL

    • Haha yeaaah something like that...

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