GUYS, what are your thoughts on this, would you date a girl like this?

Would you consider dating a girl who dropped out of high school?

Not because she was lazy, but because of personal issues.

To be more specific I dropped out of high school at 17. My parents were going through a divorce and cause a lot of drama since I was 14.

I had a lot of issues with my mom, she'd often say I was too dumb and that I am a failure and she said at least she'd be proud of my brother and sister. Often saying "2 out of 3 ain't bad!"

My dad pretty much stayed to himself during my youth, so I had no one to guide me or help me with my struggle through school. I ended up getting severe anxiety and depression and dropped out of high school.

I have a job now and all, I work for everything, recovered from my depression (though I still get anxiety), I function pretty much like a normal woman would.

Except I worry that being a high school drop out makes me exactly what my mom would always told me I was.
A loser.

Would you date a girl who was a high school drop out in this particular situation?

I plan on getting my GED and going to college as well. I'm 20 btw.

Sorry this is really weird question, I'm just super self conscious about this...

I really like this guy, but I'm afraid to date and tell them about my education, I feel like I will be mocked.


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  • Unless your financing is broken by your parents' situation and you don't have anywhere to live and you don't have anything to eat and thus you need to somehow gather money for yourself, I'm not sure what would keep you from staying in school. My parents were bitching at each other for 10 years starting from when I was 8, yet I managed to finish high school even after they divorced and stuff. But as I said, my financing wasn't broken and I had stuff to eat. And I got notebooks to write the notes in. That helps a lot.

    You should probably get that GED first.

    • You obviously don't know what depression is like.

    • Well I felt like shit for quite a bit of time, I just don't know if it was depression, heh. Studying was always number one priority for me if the environment allowed it, which it did. I just had a wonderful escapism strategy, aka I played MMORPGs for so many hours I don't even know. But I still studied a sufficient amount to keep my grades up.

    • Well for now I will aim for a GED x_x I think there are a few programs for a Highschool diploma I will try getting that as well.

      I wish I could have told the old me not to quit. I was literally on senior year!!! so close...

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  • Some will, some won't. Fuck the ones who will date you, ignore the judgmental assholes.

    Education is one thing, and a GED will work, but smarts are another.

    You need some education, or your career options are limited.

    Staying debt-free is more attractive than any diploma, however. Some debt is okay to fund education - but you can't get rid of it, except by paying it off. Which is tough.

  • Yes you are perfectly fine further more its not uncommon for drop outs being in perfect relationships a hard child life only means memories that holds pain i being one of them yes i finished high school but life effects people differently than others in
    Situations like that but all in all your fine


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  • no offense but worry about schoolbooks before you worry about men. you have plenty of time to date but it won't be cute to be pregnant with a ged and shitty job prospects

    • why would I be pregnant?

  • I don't think a guy would judge you for being a high school drop out. If they do stuff them. I wouldn't judge a guy for being a highschool dropout.

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