How does this dating thing work again? How do you date?

Ahh so I haven't dated in a while (and yes, with "while" I do mean a year, maybe two years) so it feels like I have to start all over again with learning how to date.
I think meeting someone is difficult, but what comes after that? You chat a bit, hang out but who asks who out? When is it okay to give up waiting and asking him/her yourself? How long do you date before you get into something serious?
The joys of dating... haha.

So teach me how to date again!


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  • Honestly, I've never really followed any "rules".
    If I met a guy and started liking him, I'd want things to progress.
    If he wasn't asking me out but I thought there was a chance he did like me, I'd just ask him out.
    It's never mattered to me who asked who first, or who called who more, or who texted who first, etc.
    Those things are irrelevant to me... if I always text first but he's awesome when he replies, I'm happy.
    If I asked him out, I paid. I do follow that "rule", that whoever asks pays. It's always seemed fair to me and I like the guy, so I'm happy to do for him as well.
    As far as how long do you casually date before entering relationship-land... that's really up to you two, and it depends on how close you guys become, how quickly, how much you like each other, how much time your lives afford you to spend time together, etc.
    Do what feels right. If you like him and you've been seeing each other for a month or two, I don't see any reason to avoid at least discussing relationship status or exclusivity.
    Just be honest about what you really want... don't lead anyone on and don't settle for less than you deserve just to keep *someone* around.
    If you never have, maybe try a little online dating. At least it'll show you what's out there and allow you to meet new people, even if it only results in friendship.

    Best of luck!
    I hope you let us know how things go once you get going!

    • Thanks for MH!
      Here's hoping this bump will get you more responses!

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  • It works out differently for some ppl. Your gut feeling will be your inner sage to indicate otherwise if not, look at the signs of how'd he behaves. If he rushes u... Then keep looking again.

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