Why is he different than my past boyfriends?

With all my past relationships I've been really shy and never been all for very touchy kind of things. But with this guy I am extremely touchy (not in the bad way) and are moving a lot faster than I'm use to but I like it. Why is he different than the past guys? Any advice?


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  • Well it's you that's acting differently, so, that means you're more comfortable around him. Sounds good to me.

  • Phermones. Lots and lots of phermones. ALso, you're probably more experienced in the whole "relationship" thing.

    You "click" better, sounds like. This can be a help in a relationship, but it can wear off after 1-2 years. So make sure you build good communication and problem-solving routines before that happens.

    The rest of my advice is "have fun, use protection, take care of each other"


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