Thought this guy wanted to be friends but starting to wonder?

I met this guy on a dating site. But was interested in being friends because I don't want to jump into anything too fast. But now I'm starting to wonder if it's more.

He informed me that he doesn't message or search any girls on the dating site we met, but goes on when he gets a message. (Which is what I do, oddly enough)

Keeps saying things like " I give up on finding anyone" & thought I would married by now so you're kind of like my wife for the next xx amount of hours

Tells me I may catch feelings for him

I don't know if he's just making conversation or there's a hidden meaning. I'm really not good at reading people and reading between the lines.

I didn't think he liked me as anything more because he seems aloof in his texts all the time (but not in person)



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  • He's a sleaze. Stop meeting guys online and go to your local supermarket. You'll have better luck there then bars or online. Men who shop online can't talk to women and women who shop online are desperate.


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  • Move on. Seems like he is just killing time with you.