Stuck between two brothers?

Alright so yesterday I was hanging out with my friends, and i have two friends who are brothers. They're so related that they ended up both confessing that they liked me on the same day. I have no idea what to do. One brother is 15 while the other is 17. I kind of ended up kissing the one who is 15... To be honest i like both. Any suggestions?

I ended up dating the younger brother :)


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  • Well, either way, this is a sticky situation.
    You should go for the one you like the most... you've already kissed the 15 year old, so you like him more, right?
    Whatever you choose, be prepared for it to be awkward for a while, honestly. Dating one while both like you, that'll be hard for both of them... and probably hard for you since you like both of them.
    I probably wouldn't date either of them right now, because it's all so complicated.
    That's me though, you need to do what you think you want the most, and make sure everyone is clear on what's going on.

    What did you say to them when they confessed?

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I'm assuming you don't want some hot threesome action.

    If you don't then you should probably go with the one you kissed, to not make things weird if you end up keeping him.


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  • If i were You, i had attention so much because of they're brothers.
    I listen my hearts and intuitions.
    -Loves ♥

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