He rejected me but still acts wierd?

his brother sneers when we pass by each other and he laughs, i don't know why though..., and it really makes me feel like crap. No matter how hard i try, i can't stop crying, thinking that he makes fun of me, but why does he always stare at me and does not look away when I look back at him. I have already forgotten him but it really hurts when he does things like these.

I gave a letter to him saying that I liked him in class, and he said, he did not want to seem harsh but I don't like you in that way.. I only like you as friends
But: what's weird is that he whispered that he had a crush on me before, and then he almost fell out of his chair when doing that, so that have a major hint, so that's why after 2 months I preceded to give him the letter.
so, during break i walked down to the activities center which is literally in the cafeteria to buy something and there are a set of tables because the cafeteria is down there too, when i was done making the purchase. i was walking back hoping not to see him because i know he sits down there during break. so i was walking pretty fast and i just happened to look towards my left and he was standing there next to a table, it seemed like he saw me, and then from the corner of eye he, looked straight and then quickly turned his head towards me, like it was super fast when he was sure that it was me... why is he doing this?

he will also stare at me from far away and not look away, with a little smile, until i dont look away


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