My girlfriend said she's not ready for sex?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for awhile now, our chemistry is amazing. We trust each other, love each other, and know everything about each other.
I'm emotionally ready to take things to the next level, which is having sex. (We're both virgins) She has told me that she wants to lose it to me, and do as well. I'm not any sex freak, but after a while you want to feel the intimacy. So here's my question is there any way how I can like help her get ready? I'm not looking for opinions that require forcing or pressuring her, I want it to be special, I want her to want it also. I have no problem waiting on her, I love her a lot and I want her to be comfortable with me in that scene. Any help will be much appreciated thanks!


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  • There’s really nothing you can do to fastfoward the process of her being ready. It’s a mental destination in her journey that she must reach alone. Sex is a HUGE deal for a female, ESPECIALLY if she’s under the age of 18. A lot of teenagers want to give into their hormones and have sex, but the fact is that your brain physically hasn’t finished developing as a teenager. In addition to the fact that scientifically, certain chemicals in the brain are released when a female has sex, it’s like one huge science experiment! Given the wrong variables, it could easily go wrong and impact the female years beyond that initial occurrence. I say that as someone who's acquaintances and social circles are full of women who werwere in your girlfriend's shoes! Sex isn’t just about emotional closeness. There are other major factors females must consider if they want to learn the smart way, not the hard way and it can take a lot of time to be ready to make that choice. Sex is such a massive risk especially at your age so being ready to make that decision is something she shouldn’t rush at all. You just have to be patient and don’t expect sex like you’re entitled to it (not saying that you are, but just in case).


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  • Get a good long foreplay. Have you guys done oral yet? Because that's a good step as well. If she's ready, let her go on top. That way she can decide how fast and deep she wants to go :)

    • Yes we've done oral before

  • Not sure. My boyfriend is in the same boat as you are. And I'm just not there. What do you mean by "a while"? 'Cause it's been 7 years in my case and he's still waiting.

    • We've been together for 1 year, I'm willing to wait however long, and I'm totally loyal, and she is too.

    • Well, you could have a while. In my case I've made it clear that I require a wedding but that might not be the case for you.

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  • tell her you have a big dick... she'll definitely want it then

    • not sure if trolling, but no, just no.

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    • she said she wants to lose it to you and then says she isn't ready. I use to have a girl like that and guess what? She never gave me the pussy.

    • drop her like a sack of potatoes.. we're men and we have needs.