What are signs a shy guy likes you?

what do you tend to do when you like a girl but are too shy? how do you know a guy likes you , ladies? i like a guy but he's quite but stares but with his friends he's outgoing.


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  • 99% of shy guys simply look at you a lot and never give talk. The small that they do talk, they keep it very short because they are intimidated and don't know what to say in most cases.

    • how can I not make him feel intimidataed

    • by making conversation with him and presenting yourself as a very approachable person and showing you're sweet and open to convo and not the typical superficial stuck up bombshell

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  • If he glimpses at you a lot and tries to make you laugh but he doesn't actually make a move on you. That's a guy that likes you

    • I haven't the courage to speak to him yet!!

    • Try to start a small convo with him. Even if it's for like 2 minutes. It'll help a lot, trust me

  • He tries to be around you w/o actually saying a word.


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