Thoughts on relationships with ex military guys?

Just wondering what some thoughts are on dating ex military men. I've been on again off again with a guy for the past year. We go through phases where we hate each other and are crazy about each other. He just got back from Iraq when we first met. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with it.


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  • I am a military man myself and return from a deployment can be and is a very delicate matter. The transition is extremely volatile and you actions and reactions to the things he does is going to make all the difference. Being over there, in a constant combat mentality and then coming back home to a place where you are meant to relax takes time. Work through with him, even if it has been a while since he has got back, it will always be there, it never goes. How it effected him is different to how it effects me, but in general, be careful with your approach and most of all, be understanding.

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you. I can't say that I understand what he's going through because I have never had to do what he had to. I'm just trying to understand him more. I do care about him and I don't want to see anything happen to him.

    • Your welcome. Yes and for he is lucky to have you. It is not something you can understand unless you've walked in his shoes because it changes your perspective on life, take everything you knew and chuck that away and put yourself in a combat situation day in and day out. It's tough, but together you guys can work through it :)

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  • I think that's just your relationship. The fact that he was in the military has nothing to do with your on and off again status. You guys just aren't meant to be if it's so hot and cold

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