Is it normal for guys to kiss a girl the day that they started talking?

I knew this guy since I was little. We've known of each other and even talked a little bit. A couple of days ago we cuddled and held hands at a football game and both our friends said that we should go out. Later that night he kissed me unexpectedly and it was honestly really nice. Now he keeps telling me how beautiful and perfect I am, and how he can't stop smiling when he thinks of me. I think it's really sweet but at the same time unnecessary. I mean yeah we kissed but we never truly knew one another beforehand.

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  • The guy just likes you. I would say give things a chance and see where they lead.


What Girls Said 1

  • If everyone waited until we really knew someone before we kissed them, we wouldn't kiss the person we're dating until a year into it

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