How do you know what guy to date if they both love you and you love both of them?

Ok so there are these two boys and I dated one for five months and broke up because of one stupid fight and then this other guy came in my life but now I'm dating him but still have a heart for my ex and they both love me my ex is short and my bf is tall and I'm 6'2 so which one should I do for? please help me


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  • If you really don't know what to do you could list the pros/cons of committing to both and go from there

    • Like what do you mean

    • It may sound crazy but I mean a detailed list of what you like about each, the benefits of being involved with each, like maybe one listens better or maybe the other communicates better. Even small stuff like the height thing, who is funnier. Include everything and then which ever outweighs the other choose them. Sorry for the book:)

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  • The short one... sorry, I'm biased.

    I think that's something you need to work out yourself, or talk to people know them too.

  • If you're having to ask us which guy you should date, you probably shouldn't be dating either, and or at all


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  • What has their height got to do with it? Just pick who you like best