I halfway asked a guy out. And I don't know where to go from here. Did it turn him off/ make me look desperate?

This guy has been giving me signals for months. Almost a year. He never made the move so i decided to ask him out when he came in my work. There was a long line, and i asked him what he was doing this weekend and he said nothing yet and my gut told me the way he was saying it was like an invitation to ask. I said well if you are free we should do something, and he was like yes totally i will be in touch all cute and excited.

It's been two days and nothing. I didn't have time to exchange numbers (long line) or nail anything specific down but we are Facebook friends and he said he'd be in touch. I want your opinion on this:

If he was interested would he have messaged? Should i be the one to message since i initiated?
OR should I wait to talk to him until we are in person again?
Should i fb message him my number?
And just your general feel about this situation.

I have never asked a guy out before. I really like him. I'm wondering if i should not have made a move, because it looks desperate like all of my girlfriends tell me. I'm sad.

  • You turned him off. Let it go. Move on.
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  • Stop overthinking, nail plans out in person next time.
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  • Message him your number.
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  • Wait for him to message/reask you out
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  • Sounds like something I went through recently. A friend (nothing more) sent me nude selfies. 1, 2, 3, 4 in a row. The fifth message was something like "what do you think?" I was bothered because just a day or two before I told her I wasn't interested in that kind of relationship with her. My instant reaction was to delete the pictures and back off of our friendship for a while.

    I'm sure she was embarrassed she sent them and was rejected. But, to keep a friend, I am letting some time go by before I contact her again.

    My point: He's probably a nice guy who you like but the like isn't reciprocated or he doesn't know what to do next. Let it go, you're only FB friends.


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  • If he truly wanted to go out with you, he will make an effort to talk to you about it. And he probably would have done this in the last 2 days.

    Since he has NOT done this, I don't think he's really truly interested in going out with you. It's not that he doesn't want to go out with you, he's just indifferent I guess. He doesn't have any negative feelings towards you, but he doesn't have any strong feelings similar to what you have for him.

    Sorry, but honest advice here.

  • You've waited two days. Send him a message: Hey, if you were serious about hanging out, get ahold of me and lets make some plans

  • dont push it or ull come off needy... if he was interested hed have gotten back to u or he will l8er with a reason... plenty of fish :P

  • I would send your number or set up comm on FB.
    you initiated it, so follow thru.

  • I think you should message him your number or speak to him in person if you're likely to see him soon, but you might as well just send your number in a message and say it be easier to arrange by text than over fb or something. (That way you have an excuse for sending the message...)

    He could just be nervous about it or think it best to wait until closer to the weekend, or possibly he's not as interested as he seemed, but don't go think that, see how things pan out. Anyway I don't see the harm in sending the message, if he's interested in won't be a problem and if he isn't what would it matter.


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