Did I annoy her? Why isn't she responding?

So I've been flirting with this girl in my classes at school and she has been, from what I can see, flirting back. Today I was hanging out with some of my other friends and they decided to send the girl I fancy a picture of themselves, to make her a little jealous. I just texted her again asking how her day was, and she hasn't responded to it or anything else in the past few hours. Do you think she's angry at me/annoyed that I was with other women? I know women are often busy, but I know she's viewed my texts (it shows it), so is she annoyed?

If she's angry and or annoyed, is there any way to rectify the problem and make it clear that I'm interested in her?


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  • She might feel hurt or annoyed and wonder why you did that. She might have thought that that was your way of telling her she was just another girl you talk to. That might have made her rethink the whole thing and make her think that what you two had was nothing special :/ girls over think things. Trust me, I know from experience!

    • Is there any way to show her that I'm interested in her and rectify this mistake?

    • I would wait a little bi!!
      But then when you see her in person send her lots of signals that you are in fact interested.

    • A little bit***

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  • I think she is annoyed or hurt :/


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  • Considering your age (which may be similar to her age too), she's likely to be jealous or annoyed. Just meet her up in person and let her know everything. Texts aren't so effective in such matters.