Should I have waited for him like he asked?

Guy I had been talking to and seeing for two and a half months stated that he wanted to be single right then but saw a future with us and wanted me to wait a few months to be his girlfriend. I left because I wanted a relationship right then & ignored his effort to win me back as well as decling his offer to be friends. Should I have left or waited a few months to be with him?


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  • How do you know you want a relationship unless you get to know the guy?

    • We had talked for two and a half months prior every single day including daily phone calls

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  • its inconsiderate to ask a woman to w8 for you... u snooze u lose... all the same what u did was a bit spiteful... ure both idiots in my opinion :)

    all the same there's plenty of fish... live and learn... and realize its not always about u when u want it how u want it LOL


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  • If you really liked him, you would have waited.