How many dates should you go on before you have sex?

So I really like this guy. he is 29 and I am 23. I am still a virgin and I don't really don't want to tell him that yet. What is normal to how many dates you go on before having sex? We have only been on two dates so far and I have known him for two in a half weeks.


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  • I know I'm a guy, but I don't think the issue should be how many dates is normal as it should be how many dates until you feel comfortable. Don't worry about having to meet a deadline. Having sex, especially for the first time, is not something you should do because you're being told to at a certain time or because society tells you you have to. You should have sex only when you're sure you're ready and want to. Also virginity is a fairly emotional thing for most people, so you should definitely take some time to make sure he's the right guy to share that sort of thing with. You don't HAVE to have sex with anyone, EVER, if you don't want to.


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  • MANtis is right - I wouldn't worry about some magic number of dates being too early or too late. Besides, that number varies wildly. I've had relationships that started with sex right away and others where it was months later. A "normal" number of dates could be anywhere from 1 to several hundred, depending on circumstances!

    Whenever you know him and yourself well enough to feel emotionally secure about sex, that's the right time. Since it's your first time, it's totally understandable if you're nervous or worried about it. If he's a reasonably decent, open-minded person, consider telling him that it's your first time so he knows to be patient about it. (If he's not, consider losing your virginity to someone else!)


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  • not yet!

    do you really want to give it up that quick? Believe me girly you don't want to do that... There isn't a time limit on when you can give it up or not... its about if you feel its right... not in the horny type of sense...

    I lost it 4months later for the 1st time... I had no remorse... or guilt... it was worth it lol!

    REallyy though... I think you will feel when its the right time and the right guy!

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