Why is it hard for me to strike up a conversation with a new girl?

I met this girl the other day moving into the small dorms I'm in and helped her open the main door when carying something with a friend, then after she introduced herself. I think I have her name right but no sure. I missed my opportunity to talk to her today before the netting everyone had to go to, and she passed by me outside when I was sitting on a table and she was going into the dorms. I really wanna talk to her so I can get to know her atleast. The guy next to me made it seem so easy cause he meet her the first day and got her number during to big meeting easily ha. I don't know how to, and I don't really know how to strike up a good startup convo if I see her pass bye me again? I really hate being bad at this, and I think input to much pressure on myself so it becomes to hard for me to actually do it.. I'm 22 by the way and virgin/no kiss/ never had a gf...


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  • Quick bro tip that will improve your life

    Tweeze your eyebrows, get someone to do it, and give yourself a dope ass beard, get it shaped up, and comb your hair to the side, maybe gel'd... you'd look boss, just saying. Would give off a real good impression to girls that you're clean cut and manly and definitely would give you a younger look. you look older than 22,

    That was an honest tip btw. not me making fun of you. Just something i thought when i clicked your picture that i thought would immediately improve your game.

    NEXT PART OF THE ANSWER: well bro... don't be too hard on yourself, just keep it simple with the ladies, be genuine, tell them you hope they had a wonderful day. tell them you like their outfit. Make a nice comment about their shoes or something. Wave at them when you see em around and give em a big nice smile. Then one day, you know, just ask her if she's down to grab some lunch with you some time.

    • Thanks man! I uploaded a more recent photo cause that was like 3 months but yea that's really good advice! The other day I say her Safeway right near the campus and she said hey and we actually talked for a few mind but didn't get a chance to get a number! But yeah

    • good for you bro, thats good to hear. Yeah just dont think about girls and stay cool and it will come to you and not the other way around. But that doesn't mean dont try to be a little flirty, or no girl will ever take the hint. But subtle flirty and laid back, is the way to go.

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  • Well if you want to strike up a conversation with her, maybe you could give her a compliment the next time you see her. Then take that compliment and let it lead to a question to strike up a conversation. You could say something like "Hey (insert name here), you look nice today. How are you?" or "Hey I like your ___. Where'd you get it?" If that's not the kind of approach your'e comfortable with, you could just say "Hey what's been going on? How are you liking campus/school/both (whichever you prefer) so far?" This could help lead you into further and deeper conversation. Hope I helped at least a little bit :)

    • Thank you :) I actually got to talk to her for real I saw her at the grocery store nearby campus and we talked for a few mins and it seemed like a good covo, kinda got caught up in the moment and didn't give her a compliment but yea thank you for ur advice, and also I actually did have her name right :)

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