Help! Been rejected by a guy who I thought liked me :(?

So this guy friend was giving me mixed signals by hugging me, kisses me on the forehead... and playfully pushing me around. Then today he found out I had feelings ( I don't know how) and told me he just liked me as a friend. We had a HUGE fight but we've made up now and going back to our old habits of hugging each other. And today he asked me should we just do what we want and not worry about the consequences?

Anyway, I need to get over him. Any advice is appreciated


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  • I am just trying to wrap my head around this... so you are 36+, you are still playing high school games with a "man", you are hanging out with your "crush" just as in high school waiting for him to "like" you, you cuddle "online" with him? A guy just told you he only sees you as friends after he "somehow" found out you like him... and you want to be friends with him?

    Mmmm yeah, there is def a problem here and you do need HELP! MENTAL HELP!! Where is your self-esteem? In your asshole?

    Grow the fuck up! Did you live under a rock all your life and gained zero maturity through your 36+ years? What the fuck kinda life is that? Get your shit together and go be an adult for crying out loud, this is pathetic to say the least!


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  • STOP being his friend. Lady he wants to bang you. That's not friendship. =/
    Boom, problem solved!

  • Dont let him do this to you it seems like now he knows you have feelings for him he may be exploiting that fact.

    • I thought as much I think maybe he wants to be FWB?

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    • hmm because we also "cuddle" online and in real life too. He asked me if we are just going to cuddle online only and then he said maybe we should just do wahtever we want and not worry about the consequnces

    • I have been in this position me and my bf broke up spent a lot of time together still we still done couple things even lying on couch cuddles kissing my neck. He was moving to another city then bam when it suited him he turned into such an asshole and cut me off dead. He told me only a week before that I would never know how much he loved me. Men can be very good at what they do to get what they want.

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