Do movies and fiction misinform boys and girls about dating?

Movies and fictional literature have significant influences on culture. Well written stories create characters who the audience can relate to, and can envision themselves becoming. They reach out to us. Many of these stories in books and movies recycle the same cliches over and over again. And they will continue to do so. Some movies and books will reach out to males, others to females, and sometimes both. Although they can be great entertainment, I think they can distort the way we perceive dating.

I think there's lots of movies out there that recycle the same cliches from other movies. One common cliche I've seen in movies is the MALE protagonist starts out as an outcast, a loner, a weirdo, or a loser. This protagonist somehow gets recognized by the beautiful popular female who sees this guy has a deeper more meaningful side, and she's the only one who understands him. His character grows stronger as the story goes on. In some stories he will: save her life, rescue her from the abusive boyfriend, or prove himself in some other way to win her love for him. (example: Edward Scissorhands)

Another common cliche I've seen is the Female protagonist who lives a wretched life, and is sick and tired of it. She is sick of being locked away from the outside world, or she's struggling to get by in life, or has self esteem problems, or believes she is so ugly she has a face only a mother could love. But then one day, prince charming comes in and rescues her from her turmoil. She finds true love and lives happily ever after. (Example: Cinderella)

These are great, heartwarming stories. The only problem is that this shit never happens in real life. Sorry guys: No popular hot girl is going to express interest in finding out about you if the rest of the world thinks you're a lost cause. Sorry girls, your knight in shining armor is not going to appear out of nowhere just because you've hit the lowest point of your life.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?


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  • Movies with plots like these are so popular because they reach out to people in situations that are similar. Everyone at one time or another has felt like a loser, outcast, etc and these create a reality where someone they can identify with (even if it's at an exaggerated depiction) ends up on top in the end. It's one reason why people believe that the nice guy will always win in the end. The truth is that movies are made like this so that they can sell tickets. You can't understand the facts of life through what you see on TV, a movie theater, whatever. A person can only learn how to act through experience and time. Think of it this way what a person sees work on screen might be great in theory, but it will take his or her own falls and triumphs to see how it all truly works.


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  • I believe that it's definitely true that tv, film, and books misinforms people of dating and life in general because when I was younger tv made me think that when I entered high school that I would start dating find the perfect guy who will break my heart and all this drama will happen and that when you reach that age your life with be hectic and filled things bit that wasn't the case at all instead I had a very boring uneventful high school life with no dating like media makes you think that oh you'll fall in love and have this amazing romance that will lead to heartbreak but then it'll fix itself and you'll end up having your happily ever after with the man of your dreams but that isn't the case like media builds up your expectations only for it to not come true and even though a realistic part of you tells you that it only happens in movies tv or books another part of you still hopes for it which really sucks


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