HELP! Really bad at hj's and I need some advice and tips?

Okay, so i'm really bad an hand jobs. I just don't get the whole.. how you hold it thing. My guy's definitely a grower and not a shower, so it's hard for me to really get a good grip/ go up and down without it falling out of my grip to start. He tried to show my how to do it, but I don't really get how you can hold it lose and tight at the same time? We don't have lube so I don't want to hurt him, and he said the friction wasn't hurting when I was trying to do it before.. but idk..

Any tips? I'm kinda like a lost puppy over here...

As far as bj's go I'm all set. He said I was really good at those... so I've got a fall back plan for my terrible hj's but I want to do them right and do them well.


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  • mix hj with bj... use spit to slime him up for lube... most guys will deny being ass guys but a lot of guys like a finger pressing their ass while u jack not penning that is but just a light pressing anymore might turn them off... there's a special spot at the base of the penis i learned about form my first gf i didn't even know about myself... its the urethra right behind the balls... think of strumming a guitar or tapping ure finger... all guys are different though... angle, position, length of strokes, is he a head or shaft guy, does he like a death grip, loose grip, or in between... consider licking and sucking the head while doing ure thing... u really need to find his personal preferences to know what to do these are just ideas that might throw in a thrill... its not all about the penis either... the balls and thighs stomach and legs are important as well... touching kissing sucking licking and throw him over the edge

    also without lube he may not feel it now but when he's gotten a hj or masturbated w/o lube for a few days he won't be using it for about a week so use the lube LOL... ure prob right it prob does hurt and he dont wanna hurt ure feelings by telling u... its a rare thing to get a woman willing to do what u do kudos


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  • if he's instructing you and isn't complaining then you're doing fine, meeting his expectations. umm I would get some lube though lol.

  • You should listen to what he's telling you, and stop doubting what he tells you.

    He is going to know what works for his dick much better than strangers on the internet.


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