Why does he keep playing games with me like this? Does he think it's funny?

He keeps saying his phone isn't his, when it's in his name... And he just keeps lying to me.. I'm 20 & he's 28 .. He originally had a gf but cheated on her withy me and now they aren't together.. And now he's saying he's moving in two weeks... Why does he keep lying to me about everything? And I love him but I mean nothing at all to him


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  • I think the age gap it too great. My ex and i are the same ages as you. I discovered many lies as well and he still kept some lies before i left him. think u need to look your situation as a whole and make clear decisions about your boyfriend. Take it a step at time and dont make strong decisions so quickly. Put a lot of thought into it but the goal is him providing you happiness. I've been through a lot of depression and anxiety when i was with my ex that i lost 5kgs. I
    Based on how your boyfriend responds to u, tells me that he ain't serious about the relationship and it won't move to another level. There are other plenty of fishes on the boat. You just need to give some thought about your happiness. Becoz that's what matters most in a relationship
    Stay beautiful


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  • what do you love about a person who constantly lies to you? wouldn't that suggest that what or the person you have feelings for are a lie?

    he sounds immature, and prefers to keep you in the dark. he's probably being shady because he's being shady. if he's consistently lying and has cheated in the past there's a good chance that's what he's doing now and seems to be consistent with his behavior in the past

    not to sound harsh but your question is a bit irrelevant. why does he do what he does? that's complicated but the fact is he does it and you shouldn't put up with it


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