Was she blushing because of me?

This girl and I have had a history, I think a little thing for each other. We used to talk everyday but things got weird. She used to blush and act nervous and sweat around me occasionally. Sometimes I thought she liked my buddy because when ignored her she ran to him.
Anyways her and I haven't really talked in awhile. Im moving into her dept and I bumped into her in the hall. There's another position open and people are speculating on who it could be. She asked me who I thought and I said my buddy. She was blushing and sweating when we were talking about him and I was totally feeling her out about it. She just smiled a bunch and she did to break eye contact or look away at all. I also said he would be perfect bc he used to with there and new the system, she agreed and said the dept thinks he'd be perfect too. So I was like was she blushing because I mentioned his name or because she was nervous talking to me as she has done this before back in the day.

I also mentioned a girl named Whitney that l know likes me. I mentioned she could be in the mix. I've worked with Whitney before. The thing is when I mentioned Whitney she went silent and stopped talkin and kind of looked away. I was like do you know Whitney? And she said yea, and I kind of mumbled and changes subjects, that was weird. Thoughts on this? Thanks!



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  • In my honest opinion I think she likes him, I'm sorry to say.
    When she wasn't looking away she was absorbing every detail about him you were saying to her.

    Her going silent because of Whitney is a territorial threat: another player in the game. When you like someone or thinking that something new is going to happen with someone you like, you'll ALWAYS think of the worst case scenario, ie: competition, that was her response to Whitney.

    Good luck buddy, Hope things work out.

    • Hmm
      That's tough. Why do you think she likes him? She's fed blushed that way before when just her and I were talking?

    • Plus if Whitney were the one to get the position, it would block him out...

    • Maybe she likes you both and just confused.

      I'm just worried about why she is talking to you about him. Either she trying to give you a hint that she wants HIM or she wants to talk to you no matter what about.

      If I were you, the next time you talk to her you should bring him up in the convo again and see her reaction. If you're still unsure, ask her if she likes him. Sometimes its better to just be straight forward.

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