How can I tell if he's just using me or really wants to get serious? im 18 and he's 22?

He came up to me and gave me his number at school he didn't introduce himself in person because I was on the phone with someone. he came up to me with a sticky note and said i think you dropped this and it had his number and said "You're cute". I've never dated before or have been in a relationship so I don't know what to think about all this but he wants to take me on dates off campus we already kissed on the second date. he knows i have curfew and strict parents and he's still talking to me. but im still all sorts of confused. and well i also dont think my parents would approve if i ask for permission to see him so I don't know also if i should just let him go.


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  • right now I don't see any harm in continuing things. but if your parents don't approve and you are uncomfortable with that and you're able to just let it go then go with your gut feeling and make a decision.

    • Well I mean i do very much enjoy his company, and I wouldn't really know if i can date him unless i ask it's not that i feel uncomfortable its more of a fear of what my parents would say

    • oh then don't jump the gun on anything yet. try to see if you can make ends meet if that's what you really want.

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  • he doesn't know you to want to get serious. sounds like he literally saw a stranger, thought she looked fuckable and passed his number off to her. I don't see what would make you think he's done anything to show he wants a relationship. you can still get to know him and see how he is but for right now y'all don't know each other like that