How do I handle a jealous boyfriend?

do you have any tips for me?


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  • You sit him down and spell out the boundaries that he is to adhere to if he is going to be your bf. Young lady this type of trait in a guy can be an indicator of his true nature to be controlling and isolate you from your friends guys and girls.

    If he does get the message then you have to end it and trust your instincts and stay close with your friends and also let your family know what is going on with this bf.

    Remember a lot of jealous bf grow up to be abusing men verbally and physically. Set the boundaries now with him and if i he does not accept them then you need to end it and tell all your friends and family as well


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  • how jelly is his jellyness? :o

    • he even gets jealous when a guy just looks at me or if i talk to another guy about stupid things (school stuff)

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    • when he gets jealous, he gets really angry with me and he wants to beat up the other guy who is talking/looking. but he issn't the kind of person that will lay hands on me

    • okay. you just have to work through it with him and reassure him that he has nothing to be jealous about. but let your boundaries be known through hints whenever you don't like how far he is taking things.

  • Yep, dump him if he's overly jealous.

  • Well it all depends on how jealous he is. And if you are doing anything to make it worse.


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  • You leave him. Problem solved.

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