My new boyfriend said I love you, as a joke?

On Facebook, I posted something about even if no one ever wanted to see my face again I would be fine with that, because I know unconditional love. Well, I get a message from my boyfriend saying I love you too, unconditionally. I get that he was joking, but I felt really bad. I sent him a message saying, "with me, don't joke like that :/".

I have no clue why he would joke like that. Do guys joke about love? I know he is a big flirt, but isn't that too far?


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  • I wouldn't read too much into it. You may be over-analyzing. He may have been just throwing the "L" word out there for a test to see how it felt saying it, or how your reaction is to hearing it. (even though it was just a message).

    • He said it directly in relation to my post. How is that over analyzing?

    • I am just saying, that you seem bothered by his comment. If you are bothered by it, it may be because you are over thinking it. Like you said, he was just joking. I would just forget about it. Sorry if this answer isn't helping.

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a joke. You don't need to take it so seriously.
    If you look to uptight when a guy makes a joke, he will never mess around with you. Chill out.

    • When did love ever become a joke?

    • Exactly. All these things are subjective. What may not be a joke to you, may be a joke to someone else. Love is not a joke. It can however be joked about in certain contexts. Stop taking everything so seriously.

    • If you like men joking with you about love, that is fine.