She doesn't really feel the same way or she might be scared of trying... I need honest advice?

Well... I'm not sure what to do now. I'm 21 and she's 18.

Long story short, I've known her for about 2 years through my cousin who used to be her boyfriend, they broke up almost 2 years ago, because he was moving to another country.

After a year or so, I started to think that I might like her, but I wasn't sure about It, she never showed any kind of liking me back, we normally talk to each other really sweet, but she pretty much treats anyone the same way, hence, I wasn't suspicious about it

4 months ago I came to the conclusion that I was falling In love with this girl, but didn't wanted to say anything for the circumstances In which I met her, and also because the times we saw each other neither of us acted In a way that will set the alarms.

I came back a month ago from a trip, and saw her after a week, to only find out I felt the same way than three months ago. So on Friday I decided to tell her how I felt about her, hoping she would say she didn't saw me with the same eyes but we could keep being good friends, that way I could set my mind free and feel relieved.

My biggest fear arose, she told me she wasn't going to lie but she used to feel the same way, and even she tried with another guy hoping to forget me, that she would have liked to known me in a different way, and that just time will tell, she doesn't know what to say, that why I waited until now to tell her, that now with all this she wants to cry.

Here comes the part that confuse me, she said "I never suspected nothing from you about me, otherwise I would've take the risk, you knew how to disguise your feelings or I was blind at your clues, let's talk no more about what could have happened"

She really doesn't feel the same way anymore, might she be scared? should I keep trying or should I take her word, and just stop trying.

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  • I think you should ask her out and have flowers, and then sweep her off her feet and have fun!

  • It sounds like you two just missed your moment.
    She must've moved on, emotionally. She doesn't seem to like you like that anymore otherwise your confession would've delighted her and you guys would be trying for something right now.
    There's nothing to do at this point.
    You made your feelings known and she's not wanting to do anything about it.
    So if you can stay friends, then do that.
    Let the other stuff go, I'm sorry though!


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